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A yellow puff awkwardly tumbles through its path in the sky, a signal his little friend of friends is arriving.


Snoopy "ptui"s all over the place at the rotten surprise in the apple, and Woodstock jabbers at the worm inside to take a hike.


Why that mother bird chose his stomach of all places to nest and egg in the first place, he'd never know.


Being closer to the ground, Woodstock understood the language of the bugs that no kid or beagle could decipher.


'Here comes BMOC Joe Cool returning from the poetry slam, promptly passing out from too much decaf!'


The little bird quickly came to learn that any round white spheres, too small to be the moon, peering at him at night would be his friend's eyes.


The storm had spared themselves at least, but Woodstock still looked forlornly at the scatter of twigs that had once been his home.


It was a nice gesture for Snoopy to get this new birdhouse, but he just couldn't fit his beak through this hole...


Snoopy heard the splashing of the impromptu pool party- in his own water dish.


Snoopy had an imagination too big for his brain that often got them intro trouble, but Woodstock knew one had a duty to their friends.


'Here's the world-famous astronaut en route back from the, home is bigger than I thought.'


It wasn't like Woodstock ever had to worry about flying off the edge of the earth, he could barely make twenty feet at a time.


Golden-brown leaves fluttered to the ground, and a little bird envied their grace.


Snoopy furiously kept rubbing the sticks together, knowing the rest of the Troopers could snicker all they wanted, but he was going to get this fire made if it took all night...


Woodstock was told he wasn't flexible enough to throw the football, but really, it didn't make sense to have someone on the team be smaller than the ball.


Passenger in his lap, a flutter of the ears, and off Snoopy went into the sky.


With the neighborhood kids en route to Charlie Brown's grandmother's, the two friends could enjoy their real Thanksgiving feast.


The tennis mishap left Snoopy's foot in the cast for a good week, and Woodstock cheered his friend the way he knew how, bringing flowers to decorate the doghouse.


It was always risky- and nerve-wracking- to be called before the Head Beagle, but still a matter of utmost importance.


'Looks like the world-famous golf champion needs to train his caddy better,' he grumbled at noting Woodstock was barely ten feet away while he tried to measure the green.


'Hmph..."Banana Nose", indeed!'


If a bird could do it, so could he, was Snoopy's reasoning for popping his head out the hole in the oak tree.


Fighting the cat next door was a death wish, but Snoopy was not going to take his friend almost being a lunch special lying down (even if it just turned out to be a yellow glove, but it was the principle of the thing).


Every Mother's Day Woodstock sits on the highest hill in the county with a daisy, and every year Snoopy waits with him.


Woodstock had to be the only bird Snoopy ever met able to be picked up by the breeze without moving a muscle.


Snoopy promised himself he wouldn't be sour-grapes about getting tossed off the river raft; Woodstock won the race fair and square.


The typewriter is old enough and loud enough to be made of lead, but Woodstock cheerily types away, being the best secretary he can.


Woodstock didn't quite get all these holiday traditions, but at the stroke of midnight was happy to carry in the sign anyway.


Snoopy panicked as he fastened his bike wheels to the creaky old tennis ball server; the rules didn't specifically say the bike has to have an engine, right?


In retrospect, it was the silliest thing for them to fight over- it didn't matter what kind of bird Woodstock was, he was the best friend in the world.


That neighborhood girl fretted and fussed about dog lips and disinfectant, but it wasn't like humans tasted like honey either.


Not that he begrudged Woodstock for having a crush on Harriet, he was just confused- how could she be the prettiest bird on the block if they all looked the same?


The only downside to Snoopy doing his famous rain dance was that Woodstock often had to grab the biggest leaf on the tree to shield himself with.


Snoopy would regret he was never born a Golden Retriever, and Woodstock regretted it'd be impossible for him to fly to Paris without having to stow away somewhere first.


Woodstock loves the rose garden for being able to perch on their blooms and inhale the scent, while Snoopy just likes doing his Tiny Tim impression by dancing through the flowers with wild abandon.


Woodstock could never chirp this to another soul, but he often understood Snoopy better than his fellow birds.


'No, fellow Beagle Scout Troopers, that is not a queen snake, merely an errant blanket.'


Snoopy could always tell in winter which nest was Woodstock's- just look for the one with the igloo.


'Who says I need a diet; I'm not fat, I'm...Beaglesque!'


Contrary to popular belief, the Easter Beagle often had assistance, even if he fluttered a few minutes behind with the basket.


Self-made notches in the roof or giant knicks courtesy of the cat next door, the doghouse always stood steady on its foundations.


"That's a couple great players you got there, Chuck, but still the funniest-looking kids I've ever seen."


Woodstock would enjoy the beach more if it wasn't so easy for his friend's enthusiastic kicks to accidentally bury him in the sand.


"Charlie Brown, you have the weirdest dog in the world- I mean, what kind of 'man's best friend' hangs around a bird all day?"


'Hey, stupid cat next door, you're so ugly...' "|| |||| ||| ||||| |||-" ''re so ugly you should trick-or-treat by phone this year!'


The Sopwith Camel was bullet-riddled as usual but had a safe landing nonetheless; Woodstock rushed over with a comically-oversized toolkit to begin repairs.


Even if the little raft ultimately proved too little for them to get down the river, Woodstock displayed admirable ingenuity for building it in the first place.


"No Dogs Allowed" was one thing, but birds not being welcome on the bus either really ruffled Woodstock's feathers (excuse the pun).


With just a little imagination, a frozen bird bath made the perfect hockey rink.


In the great outdoors that seems to stretch on forever, a beagle and his bird will always be seen playing.

Peanuts fiction, Snoopy and Woodstock friendship-centric, created for the 1sentence challenge at LiveJournal.

characters (c) Charles M. Schulz
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This is so adorable!
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